Mike Will Help

The Technology Handyman


"Michael has been helping us for several years. We trust him completely to know what's wrong with our computer systems when something's wrong, and to make repairs promptly both on house call and remotely, all at very fair prices. Look no further for this service."  -- Roger L, author -- Garrison, NY

"I called Mike because the instructions that came with a software I purchased were full of inconsistencies. I kept reaching dead ends trying to figure it out on my own. It left me very frustrated. For some reason, Mike seemed to experience the very things that left me so confused as challenging puzzles waiting to be solved. He actually seemed to find joy in each road block we hit and welcomed trying to make sense of what wasn’t working. He has a calm, energized curiosity in approaching all of this. And it’s contagious. After the session with Mike, I found myself being convinced that the next annoying glitch was just another chance to solve a new puzzle. Call him for any technical problem you’re having! He’ll make the quality of your life better."  -- Tony G -- New York, NY

"Mike has seen me through so many computer dramas over the years. Given my chronic, elementary orientation towards technology, while being very dependent on it for my work, Mike has been consistently and patiently there for me, sensitive to the realm of my (lack of) comprehension, while answering questions and explaining to me just what he senses I can learn.  He knows how everything is related and helps me to structure my computer use in the most simple and direct ways.  His technological dexterity is truly remarkable.  He also advises us on our purchases of computers, recording devices, wifi modems and printers, and is always a positive, steadying influence." -- Susan L -- Cold Spring, NY